From my home to the airport
My bags are all packed early Wednesday morning. I put some of the video and data backup equipment in with my cloths. I also shoehorned in a powerstrip in case the room doesn't have enough outlets. The main cameras and laptop travel with me in two carry-ons along with reading material.

Packed suitcase
Here I am getting in a taxi in front of my home, ready to embark on my journey from the Boston, Massachusetts, area. I allow lots of time in case there's traffic:

Me getting into the taxi
Sites along the way
As we drive along, knowing I have enough memory in my digital camera for over 200 pictures, I merrily snap away at things you might identify with or find of interest. Here's Fenway Park, where the Boston Red Sox play baseball (I know that some of my readers care a lot about the Red Sox):

Fenway Park
Fenway Park, viewed from the Mass Pike
The taxi driver, Bob Barron, wondered whether this was some special trip, since I had my picture taken when we left, and here I was taking more.

Bob driving the cab
Bob driving the cab
I explained to Bob what I was trying to do. He said that if I wanted to show something special that others may have heard of I should show pictures of the Big Dig. (The Big Dig, also known as the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, is a huge construction project -- biggest in the US, I believe.) Bob said he could take me past some neat views he knew about. I told him we were quite early and that I'd love to get some pictures of the Big Dig.

Passing South Station in downtown Boston, Bob points out a place near a crane where I can get a picture looking deep into the underground construction. He drops me off in and pulls into a parking space while I run over to take some pictures. Here's one:

Big Dig
The Big Dig close up
If you want to see more Big Dig pictures (I took several that I like), take a look at my "The Big Dig" page.

At the airport
With very little delay, I was at the airport, checking in for my flight to Denver:

Checking in
Checking in
Waiting to get on the plane, I sit down at the gate near an A/C outlet and work on this web site. I copy the pictures I took this morning onto the laptop and look them over.

Before we landed, I had the "Deciding to attend the Festival", this page, and the "The Big Dig" page done.

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