Which "extra" pictures to take
Take pictures of things that show what happened, convey the ambiance, etc.
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I find that if you know you are taking pictures for a coherent photo album or photo journal that you'll want to take extra pictures to help tell a full story. These extra pictures can help you convey the ambiance of the experiences you are showing and help give the viewer a feeling like they were there, sharing it with you.

Here are some examples of extra pictures that may not stand on their own, but help complete a story or album:

   The outside of the building where the event takes place.
   Crowd shots.
   The centerpieces, the flowers, the set table, etc.
   The table with seating cards to give a feeling for the size of the event.
   Logos or signs related to the location, event, etc.
   Cliche pictures, like kids with Mickey Mouse, bride and groom kissing, cutting the cake, etc.
   Group photos.
   What one would see if they followed you around: building entrance, hotel room, lobby, courtyard, etc.
   Close-up of the program for the event, invitation, etc. You may want to use high-resolution on your digital camera or scan this in. This lets people go to a page with the "details". You can also use a thumbnail or a small section as part of the home page for the story.
   Preparations, such as brushing hair before the formal picture, cooking, etc.
   People being themselves, like Uncle Harry who never takes off his jacket even though it's 100 degrees (F) out, or Janice and her daughter Jane with identical outfits, Dan with his camera, etc.
   Every rest stop on a trip, or every restaurant.
   Local flora and fauna.
   Anything that gives you the feeling that you want to share with your viewers.
   Extra pictures to help make up sequences, before and after, etc.

Digital cameras, especially when set on low-resolution, can take many pictures very inexpensively. They are great for taking these extras. There is often no need to use the memory-eating high-resolution for these types of pictures.

See also my discussion about artifacts and pictures at the end of the Digital Storytelling page.