Web Journal template
It's easy to make your own web journal or weblog. Just use Trellix Web and this template.
Page "journaltemplate" last modified: 3Dec99

I have put together a first attempt at a Trellix Web template for making your own web journal. Once you have Trellix Web (see the Trellix web site -- it's Free and so can be the hosting if you wish), just download this template, open it in Trellix Web and follow the directions on the Instructions Page. This is a beta test version. It has not gone through user testing nor our Quality Assurance testing.

To see a basic sample of using this template (including a link to the Instructions Page in the most recent entry), look at the Template Sample Site.

You can download the 346KB template, jtemplate1.tlx, by clicking here (a temporary place while it is in beta). Save it to a file on your disk, then open it in Trellix Web.

If you have any comments, please send them to me, danb@trellix.com. For technical help with Trellix Web, go to the Trellix Support site.

The ideas for this template came from creating my log, danbricklin.com/log, for several weeks using Trellix Web. You can use this for a daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever-you-feel-like-it log. It has both journal pages (listed in reverse chronological order), and standalone pages (for essays, Frequently Asked Questions, etc.).