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In addition to the Samples, here are links relating to this topic.
You may want to check out David Winer's Scripting News web site. He has been running what is called a "weblog" since 1997. He keeps a daily update of his thoughts and items of interest, most with links. Pictures are usually only on his site in references, but the personal nature of his site should be inspiring to some of you as you write for others about your life whether or not you like his opinions. (In case the alphabet soup of terms like XML-RCP on his site get confusing, you should note that his company, Userland, makes a software tool for creating sites like his, and that makes up much of the recent material about XML, RPC, Linux, etc.)

David has a piece about weblogs at It points to a Salon article ( that says:

Weblogs, typically, are personal Web sites operated by individuals who compile chronological lists of links to stuff that interests them, interspersed with information, editorializing and personal asides.
Dana Atchley's site is about storytelling, usually with a narrator and usually live. However, as I point out in my write-up about his work (Digital Storytelling), we can learn a lot from it.

No other links specifically yet. Tune in later! Send me ones you know about ( I'm especially interested in material about private journals, not just ones for strangers to read, if possible.