Links to many examples of photo journals on the Internet, with comments.
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This section has links to examples of photo journals on the Internet, with my comments. I'd like to link to more, but unfortunately privacy considerations often stops me. That's the price we pay when the most useful part of photo journals is sharing our private moments.

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Samples created using Trellix Web
Digital Storytelling Festival Journal
All about my attendance at the Digital Storytelling Festival, as a web photo journal
I was invited to the Digital Storytelling Festival in Crested Butte, Colorado, to show how easy it is for regular people to create web photo journals using Trellix Web. This is my story of the Festival. You'll learn a lot about using computers to tell personal stories and see lots of pictures (over 150) from the conference. It also has streaming video and other media, so you can see one way of integrating that (all done with easy-to-use tools).

Smelly and Dangerous
Chronicle of a vacation hiking
This is the saga of a trip seven men made to Utah to hike through the canyons of Grand Staircase and the Escalante River. The pictures came from PictureCDs produced from their film cameras and scans of paper prints. One of the hikers put this together. This photo journal tells a story and has background information. It was created to let the hikers share their trip with their friends and relatives, and to remember it themselves. Target audience: about 100 people.  Created using Trellix Web. Used with permission.

LCS 35th
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science 35th anniversary, with pictures of many computer pioneers
This photo journal is about a semipublic event. It is a stand-in for private events like weddings and birthday parties since I can show you the faces. Target audience: the 100 or so people in the photos and others who attended and the open Web.

This is a journal I created myself. It has about 150 pictures of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science's 35th anniversary celebration. The journal has an image map on the left side to help you navigate through its 30+ pages. It has sections covering what happened, pictures of people who were there, and special pages for certain events and people. It was created using Trellix Web. Trellix Web automatically creates the image map and simplifies much of the other linking.

Weekend at the Theater
Three-page web photo journal of a trip to New York City
This is a sample of a simple web photo journal that tells the story of a trip to see a play in New York City. The purpose was to show the relatives who gave the tickets as a present what a great time the authors had. This is a re-creation, based on original photographs and words on a web site. Target audience: mainly 2 people, plus a few other friends and relatives. This new version was created using Trellix Web. Used with permission anonymously.

This sample shows real people, but most recognizable images are blurred in a photo editor. Hopefully the sample is still useful with the modified images.

My Garden
One page with pictures of flowers
This is a sample of a web photo journal/album that is just one page. It tells a simple story: "This is how my garden looks today." It was used to show relatives and friends around the world the flowers in front of a house. Not so special for people used to flower shows, very special to people who know the house and the people in it. Target audience: about 10 people. This version was created using Trellix Web. Used with permission anonymously.

Other samples
Travels with Samantha
Great pictures and lots of words about a trip across North America
Philip Greenspun created this web site a few years ago that includes lots of text and a few pictures on each page. This is a "tell the world" type of journal. From the introduction:

"This book is about the summer I spent seeing North America, meeting North Americans, and trying to figure out how people live," writes Greenspun after losing his companion. You'll come face to face with examples of the stunning ethnic, scenic, and cultural richness of the continent.

There are over 20 long pages, a "slide show" that condenses the text and has just some of the pictures, tips on getting photos as good as his, and more. Read at least the first chapter or two. This site won a Best of the Web '94 award.

The Wayan Vota Russia Experience Web Site Weekly Photo Journal
Weekly log of ideas and pictures
Wayan Vota posts a photo journal page to the web most weeks about his experiences and thoughts as an expatriate American living and working in Russia. Around 100 pages of material, starting in the summer of 1997, mainly words but often a few pictures per page.

Spearfishing Journal
Visual souvenirs from fishing trips
Walter Anasagasti's web photo journal of spearfishing. Text about the fishing trips, with pictures of the catches and locales. Just a few pages long.

Bubbe's Back Porch
Lots of short stories often with old pictures
Abbe Don's web site with lots of stories people tell from their parents, about people from the "old country", etc., and a "Digital Storytelling Bee". It is "dedicated to the art of personal and family storytelling".

Some others I have found on the web -- Photojournals -- warbirds photojournal

Digital Storytelling
A whole genre we can learn from
See the work of Dana Atchley written up elsewhere on this web site (Digital Storytelling).