Who is this web site for?
This web site is aimed at regular individuals who have never communicated with photos using the web. It is not aimed at professional webmasters or photojournalists. It is about communicating with people you know, not just with strangers.
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This site is about pictures and words created by regular people for their friends and relatives, not professional journalists.
Dan looking at Tim with camera

Tim with arm around Dan
Here are two pictures that symbolize this web site. I'm the guy on the left. Tim Berners-Lee, father of the Web, is on the right, with a camera. It was seeing him joyfully taking pictures at a party that pushed me into getting a digital camera and sharing pictures on the Web. The bottom picture symbolizes him dragging me into the Internet and adding my old hobby, photography.
The fact that without this explanation you wouldn't know why I feel the pictures are special and without the pictures the writing would have less impact is what this web site is all about. The main difference is that many people know who Tim is but don't know him personally. Most web photo journals are only for people who know the people in the photos or the person who took them and care about them very much.

Just as the camcorder ushered in a new way for families and friends to remember and share their lives, the Internet is opening up a new medium with personal photo journals. You can share an event, trip, or experience with many people near and far with no duplicating, no mailing, and no postage. All you need is space on a web server to hold the journal and an email or phone call to let them know it's there.

This web site explores the new medium through the eyes of Dan Bricklin (www.bricklin.com), co-creator of VisiCalc, the early PC spreadsheet, and founder of Trellix Corporation, developer of the Trellix Web web site creation tool.
This web site is for regular individuals who are interested in using the web to communicate with their friends and relatives.

   It is not aimed at experienced webmasters or photojournalists.
   It is not aimed at only producing web sites for the whole world to see -- it is also about creating material just for people you know (though some of the techniques will be useful for "open" sites, too).
   It is aimed at people who think the only use for a digital camera is to produce paper prints like a film camera, and to show them there are other uses.
   It is aimed at people who think the only way you share experiences using the web is to put photos at full resolution on the web by themselves to be viewed by others one at a time, and to show those people a way to communicate more effectively.