Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the IBM PC Announcement
Dan Bricklin's pictures from an event August 8, 2001, at the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation hosted by Bill Gates and Andy Grove. Start here.

This web photo album has lots of pictures that I took. It should give you a flavor of what it felt like from a participant's viewpoint. To learn more details, check out the special news reports from publications like News.com, the special material on the Microsoft web site, Dave Winer's essay, etc. A few hundred people attended and I was busy enjoying myself, so just a few people's pictures made it in here. As usual, I probably missed a lot of names or spelled them wrong. If you know of any mistakes, let me know.

Note: There are 10-20 pictures per page here, at about 10KB per picture.

Arriving Early
Bob Frankston and I went over early to see them set up
Rehearsal Time
Panelists were asked to arrive early to find out where to sit
The Reception
The guests arrive and mingle -- a few pose for pictures for me
The Dinner
It was a sit-down dinner
The Panel
The main event was a panel moderated by Brent Schlender with Ozzie, Kapor, Grove, Gates, Canion, Bunnell, Bricklin, and Bradley
The Next Day
I had follow up interviews about the PC and the latest at Trellix

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