Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the IBM PC Announcement
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The Reception
I went up to see the rest of the guests. Here you can look out of the door towards the cameras and then see the line to get your badge:


Downstairs, people mingled around the exhibit:


It was very crowded and it was hard to meet everybody. I did run into some people I hadn't seen in quite a while. Here is Will Fastie, who I remember as head of PC Tech Journal. He had one of the original 50 Software Garden bags I had given out to various people in the industry about 15 years ago, decorated with lots of rare industry pins. It was nice how different people decided to celebrate in their own way.


Here are some other pictures of people, including the best picture I have of Dave Bradley (since I didn't get any of him up on stage):

Dave Bradley, Jim Seymour, Steve Kirsch, Tim Bajarin, Geoffrey Moore

Jim Cannavino, Andrew Seybold, Dave Winer and Dave Needle, Heidi Roizen, Ted Waitt

There were so many cool people there and so many more that couldn't make it or didn't come to mind in time to invite, or who there wasn't room for. I found out about some attendees only by hearing about them in the press later.

Finally, they got people to go up the escalator to the dinner. It was a little scary at the top when we tried to get off and the line we were joining backed up, but we were able to fit. (One press report joked about the PC industry almost being set back by a freak escalator accident.) We were all too engrossed in talking to each other.

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