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On-Screen Business Documents Speech
The script, with examples and slides, of my "The MBA Who Mistook His Business Plan for a Web-Site" keynote speech at Seybold Seminars.
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I have created an on-line version of the script for the talk I first gave as a keynote at Seybold Seminars New York Publishing 98 conference in March 1998 entitled: "The MBA Who Mistook His Business Plan for a Web-Site: The Surprising Absence of Business Documents Read On-Screen". The speech was well received and I and others have delivered it several times since then. Many people who have heard it requested copies, so here is the script, complete with slides and special web sites as examples. Not only does it include the words as I wrote them and delivered them, but also directions for where to click in the examples, when to hold up props, etc.

The main idea is that business documents, such as reports and plans, need to be written in a way that is appropriate for skimming, like paper documents, not as enticing web sites with "click here for a surprise" that can't be skimmed. This talk was the inspiration for my Good Documents web site (www.gooddocuments.com).
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