Demo 2002 Album
Dan Bricklin's report from the Demo 2002 Conference.

This web photo journal has lots of pictures of people and products from Chris Shipley and Jim Forbes' Demo 2002 conference in early February 2002. I tried to give at least a representative picture and a short description of all the products shown on stage and many of those that were not.

Other coverage: Dan Gillmor is blogging in real-time on a special page and another the second day. Infoworld has a special section. There are descriptions and links (but no pictures) for all the companies on the official Demo 2002 Demonstrators page. (Since much of this was authored offline, I didn't spend the time putting in links.)

Note: There are 20-30 pictures per page here, at about 10KB or so per picture.

Day Before
What I saw upon arriving Sunday before the conference
Monday Morning
The first presenters
Monday Afternoon
The second batch of presentations on stage
Tuesday Morning
More products shown on stage the second day
Tuesday Afternoon
The last products shown on stage plus some NASA research
Some Other Products Demoed
Some products not shown on stage but that were in the demo pavilion, and more pictures from some that were on stage

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