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Monday Afternoon
Microsoft showed their .Net Speech SDK. It lets you add speech recognition to web pages on appropriate computers (PC and Pocket PC). It's hard to show pictures of that, but here's some pictures of the SDK tools, listings, and debugging output:


Infravio showed their Web Services Platform for developing, deploying, and managing complex, Internet-enabled applications based on web services:

PushToTest showed their open source utility for testing web services for scalability and performance:

IBM then showed off their R&D project using a small CPU/disk unit (it's been in the news a lot in the last few days):

Perceptual Robotics showed their Truelook Wireless which lets you control remote cameras and share what you're seeing with a variety of devices (including wireless PDA's and advanced cell phones). Here we see a construction site being examined on a PC screen and a wireless PDA to discuss a contractor mistake:

Microsoft showed off an Acer Table PC:


Next, Palm showed the new i705 with Instant Messaging and other features. In the booth, they also showed a slip-on keyboard:


PrinterOn Corporation showed how they can do printing of attachments from a variety of portable devices, including RIMs, etc.:

mFormation Technologies showed their wireless infrastructure management software. Companies can secure, control, and manage wireless devices. Admins can see the status of devices, their locations, how well the wireless carriers have been doing, etc. They use a small agent running on the devices (for example, they find out where things are by intercepting cell-change information).


Finally, TeleSym showed voice over IP from an iPaq with 802.11b to a server to another unit or to the telephone system. The sound quality between their units was quite good with very little latency (both much better than a normal cell phone). They do this without special quality of service stuff on the Internet connections using their special codecs and other software. Here is the software running and later the CEO Raju Gulabani talking to Bob Frankston back in Massachusetts at my request:


We then had a dinner and a jam session. I didn't stay for much of the jam session to get to bed at a reasonable time after working on this journal.


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