Yasmin & Lou

Duo Guitarists

"They're a classic pair who make lovely music together."

Miami Herald

"...Imagination and Flair..." "The work was stylishly phrased, with gentle nuances of rhythm and dynamics giving it considerable character."

-Fort Lauderdale News

"The Suite was Magical: a free improvisatory prelude, a delicate allemande, a sarabande given to mulling over past regrets, a resolute bouree."

-Arizona Daily Star

In concert around the world, the husband/wife duo Yasmin Uybadin and Lou Mowad have thrilled both audiences and critics alike. Their programs are always entertaining, diverse, and informative. Whether performing a new transcription, an original composition, or a popular classic, Yasmin & Lou convey an exceptional ensemble with careful attention to dynamics, nuance, and dialogue. Their warm, refined tone and unique stage presence have sparked critical acclaim and repeated international bookings.


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