BloggerCon 2003 Photos
Dan Bricklin's pictures from the BloggerCon 2003 gathering, October 4-5, 2003, at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

To read what was said (to go along with the pictures), see what Heath Row posted starting Saturday morning. I have some pictures of Heath at the end of the last day.

Saturday Morning
The first day of the conference. It started Saturday at 8am.
More Saturday Morning
Showing the audience with larger pictures late Saturday morning.
Saturday Afternoon
Lunch and speaker pictures, the party and dinner after.
Some pictures from a few of Sunday's many sessions.

Last Updated: 5 October 2003 2:09 PM EDT

Technical information (people have been asking): The pictures were all taken with a Sony DSC-F717 digital camera, no flash, 1280x960 pixels, most at 800 ASA equivalent. I've written on my weblog why I use this camera (great in low light with a long lens). It did not disappoint me here.

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