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Saturday Afternoon [saturdayafternoon.htm]


"Official" journalist blogs. Len Apcar (New York Times), James Taranto (Wall Street Journal Online), Scott Rosenberg (


Chris Lydon, Elizabeth Spiers, Doc Searls, Jim Moore, Adam Curry:


Some of the people asking questions during that session (Esther Dyson, Amy Wohl, David Weinberger, Ted Henderson, ??, ??, Kevin Marks):


Political candidate/party weblog people with Dave Winer. Eric Folley (DNC), Joe Jones (Graham), Mathew Gross (Dean), Cameron Barrett (Clark):



Panels done for the day. Time to move out and go to the party.



Kevin Marks asked me to show him the way back from the party to where he was going, and I ended up joining him for dinner:


Dan Gillmor and Joi Ito were at the far end of the table from me:

That's it. Time to go home. (Once I got home, I got to watch the end of the Red Sox game. They won!) Sunday is next.

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